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The war everyvare

As a Strategist, I started creating my portfolio site WordPress with the statement, “A strategist does not just create a graphic poster, ….” based on the story of the russian federation, speaking about the art of war near me.

Ruslan Smirnov

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Memorable Design

Together, we want to say that there are no more brother wars today, but every goal, site graphic design, or custom poster design starts from strategy.

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This strategy then is thoughtfully executed to create the most effective design of no more war posters possible to achieve your desired goals and objectives.

Print Methods

These days “winter and based black” coffee but artists Elena Blagos and Rulan Smirnov today research for personal portfolio themes.

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no more war

If yore site your WordPress site needs a portfolio Memorable Design can help:

What’s the No More Brothers Wars meme today?

The result is a poster when the world is beyond war, the dec fiscal year ends, a series that will effectively convey the message of peaceful coexistence and end the war for good.
For me, 2020 is an unusual year. Many of us spend time at home designing, drawing, and working with graphic art, and thus, in many cases, growing professionally. That’s how I started collaborating with one of the advertising partners of Contemporary art, Elena Blagoslavova, to design her art portfolio.

How does Design respond to a World-Changing?

On one side, I thought 2020 was special in a dangerous way. At the same time, I started enjoying the things we did not have time for before: 
I came to the United States from Russia almost five years ago. To start with, I understood right away that it was not possible to leave here without a job, but I did not even think it would be so hard to find it. Because of my professional background, I thought it could have been perfect: I am an SEO expert, a designer, and a specialist working in content marketing. But it took me a while until I got the first offer.

What themes do I try for my WordPress portfolio?

I know a lot about digital marketing, so I felt I should focus on growing my SEO skills, and I started thinking about the concept I would use to name, researching graphic design trends post-COVID for the site portfolio. Here are some recommended themes for your WordPress portfolio:

Divi: Elegant and versatile theme with a drag-and-drop builder.
Astra: Lightweight and customizable theme with multiple pre-built templates.
OceanWP: Feature-rich theme with a focus on performance and flexibility.
Hestia: Modern and stylish theme designed specifically for creative portfolios.
Neve: Fast and SEO-friendly theme suitable for showcasing your work.
Avada: This is a highly popular theme with a wide range of customization options.
StudioPress: Offers a collection of professional themes built on the Genesis framework.
Kalium: Creative theme with a variety of portfolio layouts and customization options.
Uncode: Powerful theme with a visual composer and numerous design options.
Salient: Versatile theme with stunning visual effects and portfolio-specific features.