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Welcome to Memorable Designs: A Storyteller's Portfolio

Follow the journey of a passionate SEO strategist and graphic designer who creates memorable designs, as well as memorable logos, he is an expert in where storytelling is an art, shares personal experiences, and builds brands through storytelling.

As a marketing brand strategist, I explore the meaning of Remindable branding, memorable events, and the importance of graphic design in SEO strategies, designing logo design ideas for business


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Every day is an opportunity to create memorable moments and designs that connect with people’s hearts and minds exploring skills for brand strategists. As an SEO strategist and graphic designer, I always seek ways to make each day memorable through creativity, branding, and storytelling. 

What are memorable events meaning?

: As I remember, during the pandemic, some memorable life events were canceled or online. How do you plan a memorable event when everything is virtual? 

That’s how I started to design iconic logos and remember all the most important events which now were canceled.

The pandemic of 2020 has drastically changed the way we live our lives and has had a tremendous impact on our society. A variety of events, both positive and negative, took place during this time. Here are ten historical events that occurred during the pandemic:

What kind of memorable events have value for me as soon as the pandemic started?

During the Squarespace Circle Day, I had the opportunity to connect with fellow designers and developers from all around the world, and I started creating logo design ideas for businesses. I  designed affordable personalized packaging solutions for small businesses during a pandemic.

What are important events in human history that look different today?

As we reflect on the significant events that have shaped human history, it is undeniable that the landscape has drastically changed in recent times. The year 2021, in particular, has introduced a myriad of new experiences and challenges that will undoubtedly leave a mark on the pages of history. In this blog post, I would like to share my own memorable events that have unfolded after 2021, events that have reshaped the world as we know it.

What is the essence of memorable moments?

The essence of unforgettable moments is the ability to create lasting impressions and evoke strong emotions that stay with people long after the event or experience has ended.

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How are customers reminded meaning of memorable terms?

One way our customers reminded the meaning of memorable terms was through the photographs. of special moments or design elements.


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The Magic Behind the Art of Storytelling

My journey began with researching how to start an advertising agency and designing websites and blog posts that communicate effective SEO strategies to clients. But then, everything changed with the pandemic. All memorable events were either canceled or moved to remote mode, and marketing strategies had to adapt to the new normal. However, I didn't let that stop me from creating memorable designs and experiences for my clients and myself.

Consider it Solved

One of my most memorable events was the Hudson Valley HV Tech Festival in Orange County in 2019, where I conducted my first keyword research, as well as my website wordpress developer meetup. However, the festival was online this year, and trick-or-treating events were canceled in Goshen and NYC.

Make Believe

As a storyteller, I pondered how to communicate life during the pandemic through narrative and symbolic language and how to design memorable logos and brands.

Consider it Solved

Despite the challenges, I continued to work with SEO agencies and professional designers to research long-tail keywords and connect Squarespace site e-commerce to a Clover POS. I also created content for my portfolio, which led me to understand the importance of graphic design and branding.

Make Believe

My passion for local SEO enabled me to create memorable SEO strategies before the pandemic. In my brand strategist portfolio, you will find blog articles and content strategies for many brands and local public events, such as the Hudson Valley Tech Festival. I work with brand identities and love brand storytelling and social media.

Memorable Events: A Time to Enjoy

Through my personal experiences, such as understanding the meanings of abbreviations like WoW and TGi Fridays, I discovered a unique understanding of memorable moments that differ from those who live in the United States. This understanding became the brand message of Remindable branding, connecting what a brand stands for to its values.

Every day is an opportunity to create memorable designs and moments that connect with people. As a storyteller, I believe in the power of narrative and symbolism to communicate ideas and experiences. Whether it’s through branding, SEO strategies, or graphic design, I strive to create memorable designs that make each day memorable. I finished the course in digital marketing and started searching for jobs in a marketing agency or planning to open an Orange County SEO company, but in 2022 on 24 February, started with the invasion of Ukraine. Together we saying no war in Ukraine.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of passion, creativity, and branding.