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A Graphic design quotes in my portfolio

That’s how I started my own portfolio website when I just came to the United States describing design passion quotes; I started thinking about my passion.

During that time, I started designing the local online store Roccoroma using my portfolio site. You can find the research about Roccoroma food products.

The definition of passion in life is a  result of “life meaning,”  it is the reason that “motivates us to do the things we love.” Ruslan Smirnov based on 

Ruslan Smirnov

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Finding my passion in life

My web design background I thoggt would be helpful even I do not want to be one of marketing designers thats how I start working with  visual elements designing fist identity design

Basesed on idea of environmental graphic design.

 One of the website design quotes on the work said to us, “No Cost Until You Hire.” Right now, I am not wondering why so many UI designers are still without jobs.

Ruslan Smirnov

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But during these days I was inspired by designers' and web developers events I wa imprest by the design of Charles Eames.