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I am a strategist in Remindable SEO Studio; wow, the world I live in, even my life, looks like the classic world of Warcraft.

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I work with branding strategy and site optimization. Right now, I work with 5 websites, building and optimizing as well as compiling my creative strategist portfolio: one of the sites that I am building as part of my brand strategist jobs Living to Learn (learning2liveliving2learn), also a site ms Tennessee.

About us

What is Warcraft's classic world of Stategist about?

Tennessee. Even though I had worked with search results for more than 20 years, when I started the Terri Hall site, I did not think it would be so difficult and different.

Now, we are all learning to live in a different world, which we saw just yesterday. I am wondering how rules change every day; it looks like it is just because of the Pandemic.

And not just search; just half a year ago, when I saw a job alert in my LinkedIn profile, I remember sitting in a bus 5 minutes away from my house and spending the whole day in New York.

Happy customers

I don't even think about how I will miss these days in York City, time for interviews, meeting new people, and collaborating. If to speak about Terry Hall, who is a jazz singer, probably her life changes in reality too, because she is from Tennessee I can't ask her. For example If before she had events every day now she is planning how to handle crowded events at a social distance.

Terri-Hal brand
creative strategist portfolio

 If I were to speak about being crowned Miss Tennessee, I can’t even guess how it’s possible to do it in masks with social distance. If I were to sink about. The site which I started as a Squarespace Circle member, it’s slowly designing because of this. Also, the brand and logo idea of the MS Tennessee site, are almost ready now we are planning a strategy.


Based on brand strategist jobs, Life like WoW Computer Game:

WoW, that was my first emoji when I started to play the Civilization VI game on my Mac. If my childhood games were wondering about me as a strategic-thinking person, this was so realistic. I understand that it is a strategist’s job you analyze and wonder about something in a different way, like a child, when he first sows a computer game.

But this reality of the world wonders for me like a horror movie. I even, as usual, look in Google to see some Wow abbreviations, one of which I share with you my readers: 

So, this World is not a computer game and does not play with reality; it is better just to Wonder about every minute we have.

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