Wow, What Wow the World of Strategists?

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What Wow Me in the World 2020 Strategies?

about us

What makes us wow in the world?

I Wow the world of strategists, I am an Orange County SEO expert, and strategist in Remindable SEO Studio. I work with branding strategy and site optimization, it looks like this life is too different for me that’s why I am living to learn how to live in this world, I am feeling myself not like a Brand Strategist, but like a child. 

About my World:

Right now, I work with a company brand and five websites, building and optimizing as well as compiling my own creative strategist portfolio, one of the sites I am designing for a local store, Rocoroma, which is a 5-minute walk away from home.

Terri R. Hall

I want to share my thoughts about a jazz singer and Ms. Senior Tennessee. Even though I have worked with search results for more than 20 years, when I started the Terri Hall site, I did not think it would be so difficult and different.  And now I can say we are all learning to live in a different world which we saw just yesterday.

I wonder how rules change daily; it looks like it is just because of the Pandemic. And not just search; just half a year ago, as soon as I saw a job alert in my LinkedIn profile, I remember I sat on a bus 5 minutes away from my house and spent the whole day in New York.

What would the world in Tennessee look like?

I don’t even think about how I will miss these days in York city, time for interviews, meeting new people, and collaborating. If to speak about Terry Hall, who is a jazz singer, probably her life changes in reality too, because she is from Tennessee I can’t ask her.

My example:

Wow mean

Our 2020 is about.

For example, before, she had events every day, now she is planning how to handle crowded events at a social distance. If I were to speak about being crowned Miss Tennessee, I can’t even guess how it’s possible to do it in masks with social distance. If I were to sink about. The site which I started as a Squarespace Circle member, it’s slowly designing because of this. As well the brand and logo idea of the MS Tennessee site is almost ready now we are planning a strategy.

WoW, Strategy:

What do you think my readers think the brand of Terri Hall looks like?

If you compare Terri to Brianna Mason, who was crowned in Tennessee in  2019, her strategy might not work the same way.

Are you wondering what the difference is between the two MSs?

For example, the social media life, of 19 years will be different for Seniors. When I started work with Terri, I thought it would remind me of the World of Warcraft or Civilisation computer game,  which was my favorite when I was a child.

I even bought Civilization VI to remember what the Strategies of 2020 look like and realize even Games are changed.  

Life like WoW Computer Game:

The first question was what the wow emoji means, a person with a graphic design background; I thought the meaning would be different during the time of the pandemic. That’s was my question to Google: what is the WOW emoji:

That’s was my question to Google what is WOW emoji: A yellow face with small, open eyes and a large, round mouth” I wondered myself like a child when I saw a large, round mouth or “? Face Screaming in Fear” without a mask. 

“emojipedia”.org › face-with-open-mouth

WoW, that was my first emoji when I started to play the Civilization VI game on my Mac. This was so realistic if my childhood games were wondering about me as a strategic-thinking person.

of warcraft world

Life like classic world of warcraft

Classic Wow Games 

 I understand that it is a strategist job when you analyse and wonder about something usual in a different way, like a child, when he first sows a computer game.

Google, to see some Wow abbreviations, one of them I share with you my readers:
So this World is not a computer game and does not play with reality, better just Wonder every minute we have

Ruslan Smirnov based on Google SEPT