What is the Best Halloween Song During the Pandemic?

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Halloween night is round the corner! In my view, because the Pandemic created a long summer Halloween parade. People and children are in face-covering masks creating a crowd of characters in costumes like during Halloween.



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I start comparing design thinking vs user experience design to understand the best Halloween song to get you in the spooky spirit? Let’s take a look at how User Experience (UX) design principles can help us decide which song is the best choice.
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UX design principles are all about understanding how people perceive and interact with products and services. For music, UX principles help us understand how people interact with the song from the start to the end. This can help us identify which song has the most impactful sound and melody for an audience. We can also look at how the song compels people to move and dance. Any song that successfully does this is likely to be the perfect choice for a Halloween themed event.

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  • Before COVID all farmers in Orange County sold their locally grown locally grown on markets, now they think how to do it with social distancing. For example, Goshen Farmers Market is open one day a week, exactly on Friday, usually till Thanksgiving. It’s a crowded place. This year a special 2 hours period was introduced (from 8 to 10 am) for elderly people. 
  • Local farms and fresh vegetable produce businesses came up with shared ideas.

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