What is a memor in Branding, SEO Strategy?

what do you think my job is about and what does memorable mean?

From day to day, I am working, researching memorable a sentence with strategies, not only with my Remindable brand as well as with customers, right now I am working with the website design with the Squarespace community.

How I was open to my SEO brand and what my knowledge

I am a specialist in art, UX and graphic design help me with my job and brand strategies for costumes who are living to learn in today’s reality.

So What is a memor for Squarespace circle members and what is a discount I have?

Even though I knew the benefits of WordPress CMS, words as the memorable origin of Squarespace circle that’s how I learned more about diverse strategies.

How do I get my Squarespace Circle member discount?

Even though I am not a graphic or WEB design developer, I benefit from my 6-month Squarespace free trial and 20% discount, circle forum community of creatives developers.


y job has to do issues of Squarespace portfolio creatives developers and designers with Google Analytics, and the webmaster tool is content marketing even though I am not a copywriter. I am a brand strategist.


y customers are different: from the owner of the grocery store near my house, to a jazz singer from Tennessee, and educator and a climate change activist.


ot the biggest but a great piece of the pie of my content strategy is Social Media.


ut how is the search engine optimization (SEO) defined?

Google defines this term in SEPT future as “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website”


he question is how do I understand what this traffic is about? Is it the same for every customer?


articularly, when I work with content I compare things or people or even tools like POS from the grocery store. I do that for the benefit of the site of my client. These are my SEO strategies.