Design web site for Local food store, SEO audit

It’s Halloween already; more than 0,5 years ago, I started working on web design and SEO; I redesigned a site called Roccoroma, researching the culture of Italian food. When Coved started how to design a web site based on knowledge of SEO and the power of storytelling? Because I am a specialist in digital marketing, when I just started to work with the design, I wanted to understand what Roccoroma Food Products, using Squarespace website builder  :  

Halloween in Goshen
  • Because the site has the option to order from Catering as well as a Deli menu, in a way, it can become a local Italian restaurant in Goshen NY, which in the time of pandemic it will deliver dishes like any other restaurant. So if it is, it’s not a problem to do a sitemap of the service site. With the menu and ordering options.
  • Because the site has Italian food items, with ordering online as well as local delivery of groceries,  it caused a  real problem for me with web design. 
  • What problem do you see here? I know this problem is very different from those that I had earlier.  I started to solve this SEO strategist, why because that’s what my background was, and have something to start with. Actually I started from research of the structure. I knew if I didn’t, in the beginning, it would be my biggest challenge. Why do you think my readers? Any strategy, depends from audense, to understand who is your target audience, you should research and choose one. For example, what are the differences between the same people who buy pasta in a store and people who prepare it? It’s really important to understand, if you are an authentic italian food lover, you will not buy cooked pasta from my favorite deli menu, until you are very hangry. Better you buy: balsamic vinegar, pasta, olive oil and cook perfect pasta  at home. Even if it’s not a problem with ranking factors, or any kind of design, or search engine optimization strategies in the beginning, right now I see this is the biggest challenge of a site. Even localized search results start acting differently with pandemic because:
  • For example ranking factors, searches near me still work, as I see acting differently.
  • All we have, mobile devices probably that was a reason thet ,  mobile optimization which was important before the pandemic stops work because we are staging home. 
  • Everyone tries to find chip solutions on the internet

 I find solutions with a pos system which I sought impossible to find, I find the perfect solution for 2020 seo strategy, and keyword research, the store and deli ground in a search results.

UX and SEO of local businesses:

Of course some of my readers say why do you think about SEO practices if you just started work with store design? The answer is easy, this is basically based on my understanding of aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! If you understand this term as link building and advertising this question right if the site is not ready there is nothing to advertise. But this understanding in practice is not right, because this aspect is just a little aspect, which calls outside optimisation of the site. But what about the site itself if what we see in google analytics is not only outside optimisation? Text, pictures, the structure of content, page speed and many other questions which cold insite optimization of the site, not only questions of UX design but also SEO.

goshen farm

Ruslan Smirnov (Remindable)