My creative brand strategist job like a memorable event:
Why I create a Squarespace account

Why I create a Squarespace account

HiI’m Ruslan, an Content, SEO Strategist  When I first logged in to Squarespace, and now I started using WordPress I thought one of the content design jobs would perfectly suit me, so I created an account when I came to the United States: That is how I subscribed to...

Groove near me research based on Saratoga Town memory

Groove near me research based on Saratoga Town memory

I am an SEO Specialist and a Creative strategist. Not so long ago, I had no idea about Saratoga town; I remember asking Google what Saratoga is, which became a research question about my work for my mom, who started making a dance groove klass. I remember that after a...

Is the brand strategy of a development & design studio helpful?

This blog post portfolio is based on a job description of a brand strategist: my first memorable experience as the SEO strategist of Memorable Design. Based on the job description for the brand strategist, what is my role, and how is it described in Google search?

 To become a brand strategist that’s what I did:

  • About the skills of brand strategists, my definition:

 Based on the brand strategist definition, I will explain how I “build, develop, and modify a company’s differentiation strategy,” as  job descriptions explain my skills such as creativity, training work with digital marketing


Ruslan Smirnov

Memorable Design

  • Overview of Memorable Design’s mission, values, and expertise in creating memorable digital experiences
  •  That’s how I found that becoming a brand strategist needs a portfolio: for my portfolio, I use Squarespace; that is how I started working as a Squarespace website creator.
  • Start working with content strategy, one of my favorite strategies based on  a memorable event

Approach to SEO Content Strategy, based on memorable experiences:

Discuss Memorable Design’s approach to crafting tailored SEO content strategies that align with the client’s goals and target audience as an example of creating memorable experiences; read my blog post on how I became a Squarespace circle member.

I will showcase real-life examples of successful SEO content strategies implemented by Memorable Design, one of my cases for the truck stops in Gary, Indiana

Outline the range of SEO content strategy services offered by Memorable Design, such as keyword research, content optimization for the classes on WordPress,

3 + 13 =

To summarize the key takeaways from the FAQ post and encourage readers to explore WordPress development future and a description of role

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