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In my creative strategist portfolio, I will explain the difference between marketing and branding and how to get one of the creative strategist jobs: it looks like I always dream about strategist roles:

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I thought that becoming an SEO content strategist would be perfect. As I read about the goals of branding and marketing in bringing creative branding ideas, and how I become a creative marketing strategist!

Remindable Studio

“How do I become an SEO or Creative strategist of Remindable, and what do you think about your strategy?” 

Ruslan Smirnov

Memorable design

Memorable memorable design b
just stop war
war and peace today
Memorable stop putin stop war
no war in Russian
Memorable art not war

From day to day, I think about how to design my strategist portfolio and content strategy in the SEO studio of Remindable Studio.

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Elena Blagoslava site in search
Memorable cropped Elena Blagos lavova logo now
Memorable Andy Warhols art style

What do you think word strategy means to me?

When thinking about the term strategy, I remember my childhood; my favorite computer game was Civilization®; if you think about a strategist job, it requires a person’s design thinking mindset and long-term planning. 

So, what is it to be creative in marketing?

As a digital marketing specialist, creativity in marketing means thinking outside the box and developing unique and innovative strategies to engage and attract target audiences. It involves using original ideas, visuals, messaging, and tactics to stand out in a crowded market and capture consumers’ attention. Creativity in marketing helps build brand awareness, drive customer engagement, and ultimately increase sales.

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