Reflecting on my journey as a digital content marketer turned SEO specialist has been a whirlwind of memorable moments

Let’s think about what the content marketer’s job is about.

 Let’s think about what the content marketer’s job is about. According to Semrash, a tool that was used: 

 “A content marketer is a person who plans, researches, creates, distributes, and analyzes content: ” That is what I did every day during my work at Walmart near Middletown NY

Ruslan Smirnov based on:

SEO Strateist

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From Bearded PR SEO Studio to Memorable Design:

  I embarked on this path more than two decades ago, where my passion for valuable content led me to establish my brand, “Memorable Design.” The quest for creating meaningful content has been the cornerstone of my career, guiding me through various roles and experiences in the realm of online marketing and brand strategy. Who is a content marketer? What is the difference between an online marketing consultant? A content marketer creates and promotes online content to attract and engage target audiences, while an online marketing consultant provides strategic advice and guidance on various aspects of online marketing, which may include content marketing but also encompasses other marketing channels and strategies.

My Journey as an SEO Content Strategist

I even forgot when I started work as a content marketer. I think I am always looking for valuable content; now, I create content for my own business. That is how I got one of the best SEO specialist jobs, my own memorable moment 

What is the content marketer job that my blog posts im my portfolio about?

A content marketer’s job is to create as well as promote engaging content for the marketing consultants that attracts, educates, and converts target audiences.

walmart in Middletown NY
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Walmart in Middletown NY
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What is the focus of my marketing plan?  They focus on developing blog posts, articles, and other forms of content that align with the brand’s objectives and appeal to the target audience’s interests and needs. The content marketer’s role involves researching, strategizing, writing, editing, and optimizing content for search engines and social media platforms to drive traffic, engagement, and conversions. What does a content marketer do at the Memorable Design? What relevant content do I have in my portfolio? A content marketer at Memorable Design creates and promotes content to attract and engage the target audience. In your portfolio, you have relevant content that showcases your skills, expertise, and the value you provide to clients.

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