Is a brand strategist Job Just Skeching?

 Compare branding vs marketing, in my digital marketing portfolio I usually start my day with the research of the search results for my sites. 

That is how I started searching for a brand strategist job I usually work with the competitor analysis method that helps collect and compare large amounts of data about the service products.

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My strategist brand or branded content marketing, my work is inspired by simple brand logos also the SEO job with its practices. In my online portfolio, sometimes I start my days by sketching the logos, or or analyze market trends, conduct research, identify target audiences, and create brand guidelines.

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I have a master’s degree in art, and I have knowledge in CSS, and select divi design or Squarespace platform. I prefer to work with a team of web developers and graphic designers, copywriters, in short,  professionals, and try to save the actual job of strategic and creative thinking for myself. But in reality, I find the way to a deal with the algorithm updates and design process. I do that because I am a brand strategist who has 20 years of experience in SEO.  

My SEO/ Brand strategist portfolio: 

My job usually has nothing to do with the logo or web design. I think a brand book and logo itself are a starting point of any professional site.

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Myportfolio website

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  • Design grocery store logo, and site development for Rocco Roma Goshen. Brand message based on the idea of social distancing. Research for ranking factors and developing strategies for local food and delivery businesses.
  • Logo design and site development for Jazz Thinger.  

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