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Designing an unforgettable logo is an inspiring and complex process. It takes time to develop a unique and expressive idea for the design. Many factors impact the design process. One of them is the client’s vision.

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A memorable logo should be simple, timeless, versatile, easily recognizable, and distinctive and effectively communicate your brand’s values and message. This article will explore what makes a logo memorable and how to create a unique one.


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 Even before my clients start to speak with me about site or logo design, I hear from day to day the same requirement: “ I need a simple design for my company”.

Ruslan Smirnov

Owner, Memorable Design

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I have more than 20 years of experience in the brand identity industry. I was the owner and graphic designer at the design studio. My customers ask me how famous companies like Apple, Nike, Google make their logo design memorable?

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The concept of memory in such occasions seems usual and organic. The question is, what makes something memorable? Timelessness: A logo designed to last and remain relevant over time is more likely to be memorable. A timeless logo should be able to adapt to changing trends and technologies without losing its effectiveness. The most successful logos have remained relevant for decades, such as the logos for Pepsi, McDonald's, and FedEx.

Remindable Studio

You ask: words? I am trying to remember how I learned and uttered my first words; it looks like I knew them already. No one advertised my first words on social media. Maybe my mother in my “First steps” family album. Probably my mother is the best social media strategist I’ve ever known, though my mother is a teacher. So, how does Google define the word memorable?

Google SEPT feature describes this term as something “worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual.” 

Ruslan Smirnov

Definitions from Oxford Languages

 In one simple sentence, I can’t agree with this definition. In my memories of how I was learning to ride a bicycle. Now I do not even remember when and how I started riding it. But I definitely remember it was not eazy. As for Apple logos and other brands, do they invoke similar memories? I do not think so. The ideas of famous logos are invisible, customers/clients? usually accept them as they are because of the visual effects that arouse memories of something dear and memorable.  

Now I am designing the character for my studio and Roccoroma, the client’s site; it makes me wonder how to make my logos memorable.

The logo designer has to understand the message of the client’s business. I started this site more than 6 months ago, before COVID. Everything became complicated with the Pandemic. I was getting different messages from the owner of the store. It was hard to concentrate on ONE idea or an image. And then… Boom! Social distancing image popped up in my head and Logo was created!


I will start with Roccoroma. The client needs a simple site for his food market store. It does not occur to the client that any brand starts from the idea of the brand message.

Jazz Musician logo

The same happened with the site of my oher client, Terri Hall. She is a jazz singer. The Internet became a negative space with tons of kilobytes of information about different Jazz singers, food retailers, amatures on Youtube; almost nothing on the web these days is individual. Artists try to do his/her peace of work using available website tools, that is what logo makers call graphic design.

I look at it from a different perspective. The answer is even simpler, The Internet is a space-complex problem solution, for people and business owners. I thought nothing on the internet is not simply all. Such sites as “99 Designs” or other websites that offer logo templates base their offerings on the goals of selling, not on simplicity. A designer will do a profound market research, and a plethora of logo sketches before the client picks one simple logo. Freelancers might have been sketching 99 pages of black and white sketches before showing one to the client. Thus, a great logo design is always memorable and simple.

That’s why to create a logo or site or even SEO, is not to sketch it. It involves a lot of work, tons of problem solutions and drafts, photos of business items, for example, vegetables and fruit, dishes, menus, deals with post systems, and many more. That’s what I call Memorable and Remindable.

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