We make the profession of brand storyteller important

Who am I, if I am not a person who responsibly develops and tells the stories of a brand to engage and connect with consumers; how do I connect pieces of content with any brand strategy? We live in a time when small business services are more and more trying to find solutions through the Internet, and that’s why the storytelling profession has become an essential skill for many aspects of our lives. It can be used in personal relationships, professional presentations, or even to influence opinion.


robably that’s why my job as a brand strategist and storyteller has become increasingly important.

Hire Me To Design Your SEO Strategy.

What does content marketing mean? Let me share what I mean. From the perspective of a specialist in search results, I first check the meaning of any word on Google SEPT.

As for this term, Google defines it as “involves the creation and sharing of online materials.”

The Definitions from Oxford Languages.
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In some way, I agree with the author of the article; based on my SEO experience, this part could be outside of the site optimization. Sharing is a very important part if you think not only about the outside but also about the inside. It does not matter if you are selling a product or service; in my opinion, you are selling the brand’s story about it. 

Why are Fridays and brand stories important for design and SEO agencies?

  •  What is User Experience UX, and why does when a pandemic starts, we need graphic design?
  • Or the big picture of how to live in a world of advertising, when video ads are everywhere?
  • What is UX and how to define UX design?

According to Definitions from Oxford Languages “short for user experience”.

How to find work-life balance, if you are a Friday storyteller?

What am I grateful for?

I knew a lot about how to use UX and SEO in search results. 

I started the day with a blog post, and researched the key terms, 

Even though today is the weekend, I have more than 20 years of experience of ownership. 

I am a Squarespace Circle member and learning WordPress, and practicing SEO.

From day to day I am practicing WordPress and Squarespace, using the online presence of platforms, and a set of free services, and more and more I start understanding that nothing is free in this world.

Even before the Pandemic started, I knew a lot about the best SEO practices, I thought of 2 different types of Search results as well as social media profiles:

  1. One of the most important to me, the part of the content that specialists could do an organic search, ideally the goal of this text, not advertising
  2. The second part is really commercial, it is called e-commerce web design and ads.

What does TGIF mean in a world of advertising?

Now when the Pandemic starts, everything is mixed, here in the United States, the internet looks too commercial to me. Too much advertising. For example, It’s Friday, November 13, I work as a Remindable Creative Brand Strategist. Usually, I want to say the TGIF abbreviation, Thank God it’s Friday, but I realize even now I am advertising, not myself, but the brand message of the restaurant.

Ruslan Smirnov (Remindable)