Are Fridays looking like an effective brand?
 I memorize synonyms or how I create a brand.

 I memorize synonyms or how I create a brand.

Memorable brand voice in my portfolio:A long time ago, I opened an SEO agency in Orange County NY, creating a brand based on content about memorable moments synonyms to speak about a brand voice examples I need: Explain the idea of memorable synonyms as an example of...


Roccoroma, how to hire a brand strategist?



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“Thank God it’s Friday” is one of the days, our family usually goes to the local farmer’s market, the best place where during the summer season, you can buy fresh produce in Goshen NY, it’s a memorable day of a market research, and brand development.

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What is the value of food for the Brand Storyteller, and what makes it a memorable experience?

The value of food for Brand Storyteller is its ability to create a memorable experience.

What does a brand strategist do when started? 

In days when small cafes, Restaurants, and pizza places open on every corner, 
when we use the abbreviation TGiF for branding of TGi Friday’s restaurants, only the brand message will help, possibly that’s why Roccoroma hired a brand strategist
and not many of us think about what God gives us every day.

How to hire a brand strategist, locally?

Even though I am myself an SEO and brand strategist, I am a specialist in branding marketing, and have more than 20 years of experience in graphic design created many brand identities during my career. I can’t understand when people use faith for commercial needs. 

Why do we buy fruit, and vegetables online in the 2020s?

As I remember I started building a brand of RoccoRoma on the first day of Ramadan, it is the day when Muslims start fasting. For me, this year’s Ramadan was already a message of understanding the value of usual things for all of us. Besides that, the Pandemic time had just started, which made a lot of  changes in our lives, such as:

  • Before COVID all farmers in Orange County sold their locally grown locally grown on markets, now they think how to do it with social distancing. For example, Goshen Farmers Market is open one day a week, exactly on Friday, usually till Thanksgiving. It’s a crowded place. This year a special 2 hours period was introduced (from 8 to 10 am) for elderly people. 
  • Local farms and fresh vegetable produce businesses came up with shared ideas.
  • Small businesses are closing, or trying smaller expenses. Business owners try to fix the Internet e-commerce problems, and at the same time spend money on advertising. 
  • As for me, as a strategist in a local food store, I make myself familiar with the Internet and social media solutions. Before the Pandemic, every Friday I was in NYC meeting with like-minded people at meetups and other events or preparing for job interviews. 
  • Today is Friday but probably because of rain there are no Goshen’s yard sales, no people at the Yen cafe, and I am still at home writing a blog post about digital marketing and Roccoroma branding and research for local keywords and thinking about my Remindable studio and potential customers SEO strategy
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