Almost spring, for Strategist in Gary, United States

My Groundhog Day in Gary, United States

February 2 2022 a Groundhog day passed already, I thought Groundhog predicted looked like a  Strategist. I almost forget how long ago I build my first Squarespace sites, researching how to do Squarespace SEO. During that time I build my Squarespace portfolio and also learn WordPress.

It’s almost the last weeks of winter, early spring at the door, lets’s speak about jobs in Chicago Il hiring.  I work as a Strategist with quality content, as well as social media.

My February 2 Events, In Gary In

As a Strategist at the truck and trailer repair, all winter I work remotely in Gary Indiana; my job is researching truck stops or TTR near truck repair shops, so what’s going on in Gary Indiana?

Here in Gary Indiana, my job was different most of the sites of TTR were on WIX the same site builder like Squarespace, all you can do in site builders work with page titles, as well as meta descriptions.

To speak about the trip to Gary Indiana, during that days I was a happier state of mind, hopelessly in love with my future work.

All winter like February 2 On-line Event:

So who is a Strategist in today’s reality, when you work remotely, from home; repeating the same days week after week?

SEO jobs NYC

My Own groundhog movie

So what happens on February 2nd, and why do I love Gary IN?
For me these days are like a Groundhog day movie, if the heroes are researching, is groundhog’s day real? In reality, when every day is the same, as the previous day, it looks like my job has easy steps, but thank God I work online, like a famous groundhog.

My job is not a “military strategist”, if we define strategist based on Definitions from Oxford Languages as: “ a person skilled in planning action or policy, especially in war or politics” for me these days like time loop, or movie of Groundhog day.

Ruslan Smirnov SEO Strategist.



Meaning of an SEO Strategist

So what do you think a Groundhog day movie means for an SEO Strategist and how life changes when Pandemic started? For a professional strategist, time stops and Gary Iindiana news today does not change the reality a lot.


My Job

Because my job is not about prediction, let’s look at a job description: what does strategist mean?

How a Strategist “develops and implements a client’s strategy”, how he “improves a business” as I do implementing SEO ?

Is Groundhog Day important For an Strategist?

I don’t even know what happens on groundhog day during this year but easy research will fix the problem:

  • Even though it’s not my Groundhog day celebration, this year’s weather in the United States on February 2 was cold, between 30°F and 39°F. That’s why the strategist synonym is tactician, or analytic, the simply analyze help to understand, real things which nothing has with predicting the weather
  • Even my flight for Chicago IL was real, not hard to understand; This year most of Groundhog events were virtual, or some of them on distance.

Ruslan Smirnov (Remindable)