End of July Upcoming Shows at the Bardavon Opera House

End of July Upcoming Shows at the Bardavon Opera House

Project Details

hello Fri-yey at Bardavon poughkeepsie

My Own Memorable experience

What a memorable moment I have this Friday! This moment in my life started at the end of June it was a memorable event at Bardavon opera house, which was built in 1869, The valuable experience of Braham Nash’s songs. What makes the songs of singer-songwriter Graham Nash for me a memorable experience?

Here in the United States; Nash started his career in Chicago, IN; not far from Chicago, I also got my first job as a Strategist in TTR (truck and trailer repairs); also fortunate son lyrics because of the war with Russia and Ukraine memorable to me.

t was a fitting story that helped me to remember my humble beginnings, and to never take my life’s successes and blessings for granted.

fortunate son about

opera house Poughkeepsie ny
Hello! ? Now Graham Nash performs at Bardavon Poughkeepsie
So Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash first met in the late 1960s these days I was not even born, and now I am listening one of this thingers.
How Google SEPT describing meaning of fortunate son?

Graham Nash songs accoding to Google “represents what you might call a great, big grumble”

Ruslan Smirnov based on https://www.shmoop.com/study-guides/music/fortunate-son/meaning


Besides working as freelancer for a long time, in 2014 I
co-founded the startup Cupote where we worked for
almost two years. This is not a kind of a happy story, I’m
not Mark Zuckerberg and we didn’t work in our garage.
For me a memorable moment

Currently I’m working as a freelancer and
on contract basis with a design agency, But
in the past I have worked with some great
clients and delivered amazing products
which users enjoy.

Currently I’m working as a freelancer and
on contract basis with a design agency, But
in the past I have worked with some great
clients and delivered amazing products
which users enjoy.

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Julys 4  SEO Analysis Events Near Winery Warwick NY

Julys 4  SEO Analysis Events Near Winery Warwick NY

Effective SEO Near Warwick:

Winery Warwick NY
Warwick NY wineries
Memorable Design

On the 4th of July, I applied for a job as an SEO Content Strategist. I did my first research project for a winery near Warwick, and later on, I opened the Memorable Design company in Orange County, NY.

Welcome to Memorable Design’s SEO Content Strategist FAQ page, where we delve into the memorable events surrounding the 4th of July in Warwick, NY. Join us on a journey that involves applying for a job, exploring wineries near Warwick, and establishing Memorable Design as an SEO company in Orange County, NY.FAQ PAge

How did your 4th of July journey begin?

My 4th of July adventure started with applying for a job, setting the stage for a series of transformative events.
Research Project for Wineries Near Warwick:

Tell us about your research project for wineries near Warwick.

Delve into my first research project, where I explored wineries near Warwick, NY, uncovering hidden gems in the heart of the Hudson Valley.
Establishing Memorable Design in Orange County, NY:

How did Memorable Design come into existence?

Discover the story behind founding Memorable Design in Orange County, NY, and the journey from research to realization.
SEO Services in Warwick and Orange County:

What SEO services does Memorable Design offer in Warwick?

Learn about the SEO services we provide in Warwick, including content creation, search engine optimization, and catering to local businesses like pizzerias in Warwick, NY.
Exploring Wineries and Pollinator Garden Project:

How did your involvement with wineries and the Pollinator Garden Project begin?

Explore my journey working with a Warwick winery, the Orange Environment team, and my job as a web designer and SEO specialist in the Pollinator Garden Project.
Local Search Optimization in Warwick:

What’s essential for ranking higher in Warwick’s local search results?

Gain insights into crucial link-building strategies to enhance your business’s online visibility in Warwick.
Warwick Valley Winery Experience:

What motivated you to visit Warwick Valley Winery?

Uncover the inspiration behind my visit to Warwick Valley Winery and the anticipation of experiencing their dedication to craft beverages and quality products.
Social Media Marketing and PPC Learning:

How beneficial is social media marketing for local businesses?

Explore the benefits of social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising based on my experience with the Orange Environment organization in Orange County.
Adworld Conference Insights:

What did you learn during the Adworld conference?

Gain insights from the Adworld conference, including information about the popularity of event pages and holidays for businesses like wineries.
The Power of Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses:

How can social media marketing benefit local businesses?

Delve deeper into the advantages of social media marketing, including attracting customers, receiving feedback, and building customer loyalty for businesses like grocery stores.

Embark on this FAQ journey with Memorable Design, exploring the intersection of job applications, winery research, and establishing an SEO company in the vibrant landscapes of Warwick, NY. Learn the tricks of local search optimization, the joy of winery experiences, and the impact of social media marketing on local businesses.

SEMrush, Adworld conference for SEO competitive analysis

SEMrush, Adworld conference for SEO competitive analysis

Your Business SEO Solution

Welcome to Memorable Design’s FAQ page, which is based on SEO competitive analysis of Orange County SEO services and consulting.

Test Your Website's SEO Score For Free!

We understand that navigating the world of SEO can be complex, and you may have numerous questions about how we can help you improve your online presence. Here, we've compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to provide you with the information you need.

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Our Services

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque imperdiet libero eu neque facilisis.

That is how I started using competitive analysis for SEO strategies and  technical SEO; that’s how  SEO competitors’ ranking of Memorable Design

Satisfied Clients


Increased Traffic


Increased Revenue


Avid Subscribers

Satisfied Clients


Avg. Conversion

ads of the world
Reset WordPress or Unveiling Memorable Design:

Reset WordPress or Unveiling Memorable Design:

My Work[dsm_gradient_text gradient_text="I have several WordPress websites with Elementor design now I am redesigning them to WordPress theme Divi; my goal is to compare Divi versus Elementor:" _builder_version="4.24.0" _module_preset="default"...

 I memorize synonyms or how I create a brand.

 I memorize synonyms or how I create a brand.

Find The Perfect examples of brand voice for Costumes:A long time ago  I opened an SEO agency in Orange County NY creating content about: new things that I learned from my own memorable moments. That is how I discover content based on synonyms for the word memorable,...

Russia-Ukrainian War: A Reminder of the Meaningful Moments in the 2020s

Russia-Ukrainian War: A Reminder of the Meaningful Moments in the 2020s

Issues of the Ukrainian war:

The Russia Ukrainian war has been an ongoing conflict that has significantly impacted the region and the world. Beyond the immediate consequences and geopolitical implications, this war serves as a reminder of the memorable moments that have shaped the 2020s. In this blog post, we will explore a fantastic time, or what Russia means to different people and reflect on the noteworthy events of this decade, focusing on the unforgettable time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I. What Does Russia Mean to You?

Russia is rich in history, culture, and diversity, with a complex and multifaceted identity. To better understand what Russia means to individuals, we must consider personal experiences, perceptions, and perspectives. While opinions may differ, there are certain common themes associated with Russia, such as its vast landscapes, iconic landmarks, literature, arts, and a legacy of scientific achievements. Moreover, Russia’s global influence and its role in international relations add another layer of significance to its meaning.

II. Memorable Moments of the 2020s

The Russia-Ukrainian war is a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges that persist in the 2020s. The conflict, which began in 2014 and continues to this day, has had far-reaching implications for the people directly affected and for international relations.

The war highlights the importance of safeguarding sovereignty, upholding international law, and seeking peaceful resolutions to conflicts. It sheds light on power dynamics, geopolitical interests, and the consequences of unresolved disputes. The Russia-Ukrainian war has prompted discussions on the balance of power in the region and the role of international organizations in maintaining peace and stability.

Russia holds diverse meanings for different individuals, shaped by personal experiences and perspectives. The memorable moments of the 2020s, particularly the Covid-19 pandemic, have challenged societies worldwide and revealed both vulnerabilities and strengths. The ongoing Russia-Ukrainian war serves as a reminder of the complexities of our world and the importance of striving for peace, cooperation, and understanding in the face of conflict. As we navigate the challenges of this decade, it is essential to reflect on these moments and learn from them to shape a more inclusive and peaceful future.

Almost spring, for Strategist in Gary, United States

Almost spring, for Strategist in Gary, United States

My Groundhog Day in Gary, United States

February 2 2022 a Groundhog day passed already, I thought Groundhog predicted looked like a  Strategist. I almost forget how long ago I build my first Squarespace sites, researching how to do Squarespace SEO. During that time I build my Squarespace portfolio and also learn WordPress.

It’s almost the last weeks of winter, early spring at the door, lets’s speak about jobs in Chicago Il hiring.  I work as a Strategist with quality content, as well as social media.

My February 2 Events, In Gary In

As a Strategist at the truck and trailer repair, all winter I work remotely in Gary Indiana; my job is researching truck stops or TTR near truck repair shops, so what’s going on in Gary Indiana?

Here in Gary Indiana, my job was different most of the sites of TTR were on WIX the same site builder like Squarespace, all you can do in site builders work with page titles, as well as meta descriptions.

To speak about the trip to Gary Indiana, during that days I was a happier state of mind, hopelessly in love with my future work.

All winter like February 2 On-line Event:

So who is a Strategist in today’s reality, when you work remotely, from home; repeating the same days week after week?

SEO jobs NYC

My Own groundhog movie

So what happens on February 2nd, and why do I love Gary IN?
For me these days are like a Groundhog day movie, if the heroes are researching, is groundhog’s day real? In reality, when every day is the same, as the previous day, it looks like my job has easy steps, but thank God I work online, like a famous groundhog.

My job is not a “military strategist”, if we define strategist based on Definitions from Oxford Languages as: “ a person skilled in planning action or policy, especially in war or politics” for me these days like time loop, or movie of Groundhog day.

Ruslan Smirnov SEO Strategist.



Meaning of an SEO Strategist

So what do you think a Groundhog day movie means for an SEO Strategist and how life changes when Pandemic started? For a professional strategist, time stops and Gary Iindiana news today does not change the reality a lot.


My Job

Because my job is not about prediction, let’s look at a job description: what does strategist mean?

How a Strategist “develops and implements a client’s strategy”, how he “improves a business” as I do implementing SEO ?

Is Groundhog Day important For an Strategist?

I don’t even know what happens on groundhog day during this year but easy research will fix the problem:

  • Even though it’s not my Groundhog day celebration, this year’s weather in the United States on February 2 was cold, between 30°F and 39°F. That’s why the strategist synonym is tactician, or analytic, the simply analyze help to understand, real things which nothing has with predicting the weather
  • Even my flight for Chicago IL was real, not hard to understand; This year most of Groundhog events were virtual, or some of them on distance.